A Letter From Greg

My first experience cutting hair began under the instruction of my father and Floyd Rasmussen. I was 12 years old and on summer vacation. I remember listening to “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and the Wings on the radio while I gave my very first haircuts to clients of the Lincoln Barber College. That summer began a fulfilling career that spans 30 years in barbering and education.

It has been fifty-five years since my father opened the Lincoln Barber College, now called the College of Hair Design. He was truly a leader in the barber and salon industry of Nebraska in the ’70s and ’80s. He introduced new ideas and trends, invited stylists from Chicago and Europe to teach at the school, and instilled a passion within his students and graduates. Since then, we’ve grown to two campuses and three career tracks. CHD has given thousands of salon and barbershop professionals a start in this exciting profession.

At the College of Hair Design, innovative educators collaborate with students to spark creativity. We partner with Pivot Point Int’l to give our students the technical tools to See, Think, Create, and Adapt as a designer. In addition, we partner with Prosper U to teach our students to “balance beauty with business.” We take pride in offering the education and hands-on training needed to form the foundation for a successful career in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Graduates from the College of Hair Design go on to successful careers in the industry. The dream my father had when he opened the college in 1960 was to not only help people become great hair designers, it was also to help them become great business people. Now, 55 years later that dream is still coming true for our students.

We invite you to get started on your dream at College of Hair Design.


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