Beauty professionals do not get the credit they deserve for the amazing amount of creativity that they exemplify each and every day they work. Cosmetologists and barbers are challenged to be creative in their jobs all the time, and good ones are always living up to it and making people look unique and stylish. Many experienced barbers and cosmetologists will tell you how difficult it is to stay on top and keep your creative juices flowing 100 percent of the time. Even the best hit creative roadblocks from time to time. So, as a beauty professional what are some ways that you can jump start your mind when ideas and visions of new styles and designs aren’t coming to you like they normally are? Here’s a few places to look for great inspiration:


This social media platform is jam packed with amazing hair, beard, and other style ideas. Every pin is a picture and those pictures will help get your brain back in the game. You will see a picture of a cool new look, then your mind will start to make it your own. You can begin to add your own twist to it then when the time comes you can create that look for the right client. This platform will have something for everyone who seeks creative inspiration.


Another social media platform that is built around the sharing of pictures is Instagram. This platform is home to many beauty industry mavens and market leaders. They are easy to find and follow, and their constant social media updates can provide you with some great inspiration. For barbers, you can find great style by following some of the great barbers and barber shops. Many of them post pictures of fresh hair cuts, razor designs, and beard shapes that can help you when you go to work and come across a client that asks for your input.

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If you are having struggles coming up with styles and looks that will make you a beauty industry boss, go to YouTube and check out some videos. YouTube is saturated with tutorials by people who know their stuff that you can trust. It also has videos of a lot of people who give haircuts and do other beauty jobs that you can’t trust but might give you a good laugh. Either way you’ll probably learn something that can help you in the future, or something not to do.

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People Watching

Go to a place with lots of people and observe them. A mall, park, fair, festival, concert, or anywhere else where there are a lot of people gathered together is a sure bet when you are looking for great style ideas. The style people adopt is a big defining feature of them, so depending on where you go and the type of people that are there, you can get some ideas that you may not be able to anywhere else. For example, try going to a concert of a band you aren’t familiar with. You will probably see people with a style and look that is new and inspiring to you.

Another good way to people watch is to imagine how you would cut their hair or do their makeup or style their beard as they walk by. This can help you switch into creative mode without being under any pressure. It’s like practicing for work, and the really nice thing is that you can do this all the time. Anytime you go out somewhere you can imagine what style you would give to passers by.

Creative Work

Even though at times we can run into barriers and our minds don’t produce original ideas like we may want it to, being creative is one of the best aspects of working as a cosmetologist or barber. Coming up with new ideas and fresh ways to use the techniques you know is one way that beauty industry professionals continue to learn and grow and it is also how styles in society move forward and evolve over time. This is why it is important for you to keep being creative and coming up with new ideas.

If you want to learn how to put your creative power to good use in the beauty industry, contact us. You can also check out our cosmetology and barber arts programs. We can help you start your journey to a creative career!

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