With so many beauty schools to choose from, there are a few ways to help you narrow down the options to find the one for you. Visiting websites, reading reviews, and talking to students are great ways to get an idea of what a school has to offer. But sometimes you need to see it for yourself. That’s why we recommend school tours.

One of the best ways to decide on a school is by taking a tour of their campus. A school tour enables you to see the school with your own eyes, learn more about the institution, meet the staff and faculty, see students learning in real time, and give you the chance to ask the questions that matter the most to you.

Booking Your Tour

The first step in enrolling in a cosmetology, esthetics, or barbering school is contacting them to let them know you would like to come in. This request can be made over the phone, online, or even in person. Usually, the school will send out an information packet or email filled with informative and promotional material. If the courses they offer are what a student is looking for, the next step is setting up the tour.

During the tour, prospective students will typically meet a member of the admissions team and be guided around the campus, sharing important and fun information about their school. The tour guide will be knowledgeable about the school’s programs and the learning process. Potential students can use this to their advantage by asking questions about the school. Here are a few questions and considerations to have in mind when you attend an open house or take a school tour.

Questions to Consider

  • Do they offer the program I’m interested in?
  • What does that program cover?
  • How long is the program?
  • Is the school accredited?
  • How much is the tuition? Do I need to pay a down payment?
  • Do they offer scholarships and/or financial aid?
  • Does the school offer any housing?
  • What kinds of human resource or student services does this school provide?
  • What is the structure of the curriculum?
  • How does the school prepare students for taking the state exam?
  • How do students practice their new skills?
  • Is there a student salon training area?
  • What comes in my kit? What does the kit cost?
  • Is there any other equipment that I might need?
  • Does the school help students find work after graduation?

Do you have questions about enrolling?
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College of Hair Design Enrollment Checklist

What Else Can I Do to Plan Ahead?

We recommend doing some program research before you come in. Do you want to learn more about skin care or waxing? Visit our esthetics program page. Want to become a barber? Check out our barber arts program info. Are you interested in hair color, makeup, and nails? Our cosmetology page is a great place to start. We offer a range of programs and reading through these pages can help you think of other questions to ask during your tour of our campuses.

Other Things to Consider

Pave the road ahead for your success by eliminating any glaring road-bumps in your way. Visualize the day-to-day and see if there are any obstacles that might hinder your goals. These might be personal or logistical. Think about getting to and from campus, arrangements for child care, or if your current employment schedule might conflict with classes. These considerations are key to being willing to walk into class day after day. Talk to your support system of family and friends to find solutions to roadblocks so when you start you can focus on your education.

The One Question That Matters Most

The most important question you might be asking yourself is: Am I ready? We have had many students walk through our doors wondering if they can do it. We’ve heard many graduates express how rewarding the journey was to get to that point, especially when they doubted themselves at first. The confidence to take this on can be daunting, but the willingness to sacrifice and focus on this goal can be worth it!

It’s true that sometimes you might not know the answer until you take the first step. When it comes down to it, only you know. But what we know is that we’re here to help you reach your goals.

Book Your Tour Now

Are you ready to take a tour? We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. Request information online or call our admissions team now. Contact our downtown campus at (402) 474-4244 or our East Campus at (402) 488-7007.

Is Cosmetology in Your Future?

If you’ve been wondering if a cosmetology career is right for you, we can help you gather information. This fun quiz is a helpful guide to cosmetology career types and is a great place to start!

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