Aaron Gonzalez won the Best fade portion of the Barber Battle at CHD ! Aaron is a very talented student who graduated from Sioux City High School.

Aaron Gonzalez, 19, South Sioux City, Ne. “I started cutting hair in 7th grade and have been at it ever since. I’m just trying to perfect my craft. I like cutting people up and making them feel confident enough to hit on any girl at the club. My favorite thing to do is freestyle some designs, which really gets my creative juices flowing. Shout out to everyone who has helped me get to where I’m at.”

We are sure this is one of many competitions he will win in his career. Congratulations Aaron! Tomorrow the Barbers at CHD compete head to head in the Beard Design and line up portion of the Battle Good Luck!

On Wednesday July 20th, fifth and sixth session barbers squared off in a battle of the best fade. Jamal, Aaron, Cameron and James showcased their skills, and tomorrow the votes will be counted as the winner will be announced! Great work guys more to come as our Barbers Battle!


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