Hair grays as people age because the hair follicles slowly stop producing melanin, a natural pigment that gives hair its color. To this day scientists are still uncertain why this happens, but there are some lifestyle choices that have been linked to premature graying. Age, hormones, genetics, chemical exposure, stress level, and several other factors have been identified as contributing to graying hair.

When Will my Hair Start to Gray?

The short answer: it depends! Everyone is different and there are many factors that increase the likelihood of prematurely graying hair. Ethnicity, genetics, age, medical history, chemical exposure, and many other things can cause hair to gray early. For example, hair for people of African descent generally grays much later than people of European descent. Smokers are also more likely to gray earlier on than non-smokers. Genetics are more often to blame than anything else, since some people can have gray hairs even in high school, or never at all!

How is Gray Hair Different From Colored Hair?

For the most part, it’s pretty much the same! All that has really changed is that the hair follicles are no longer producing the melanin coloration that the hair used to have. Some people might find that their gray hairs have changed in texture, and that can happen because of reduced oil production on the scalp as well. Just like with anything else related to hair care, look carefully at your personal situation to find how to best take care of your hair.

Can Gray Hair be Dyed?

Yes! Gray hair has all of the same properties as normal hair, just without the color. You don’t have to dye gray hair for it to look great! Well-maintained gray hair can look as lovely as any other color. Just take care of it every day like you would with colored hair and it can look fantastic!

Can Graying be Slowed Down, Stopped, or Reversed?

Currently there is no way that the development of gray hair can be postponed, stopped, or reversed. That’s okay though, graying hair is just the natural way of things! If you have gray hair, you still have all of the styling and coloring options you would have if you had colored hair. There’s no reason to see gray hairs as a bad thing!

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