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Barber shops have always been a place of open forum and debate. They’re a place where ideas are both heard and generated. Where strangers become family and laughter come easy. Most importantly, it’s where men go to look and feel like men.

The Howard Family has operated the College of Hair Design and has offered the Barber Arts Program for over 60 years. Look, everybody gets their hair cut. The barbering field is growing exponentially every day with radical new cuts and the resurgence of beards. Check out “Cedric’s Barber Battles” on CWTV.  Men are stepping it up and styling like never before. Now is your chance to catch this wave and ride it to independence and success. The time for the well-groomed male is here barbershops and Men Only salons are reclaiming the male client and treating them like a king.

The Barbering Course is 1800 hours of education that prepares students for the Nebraska State Barber Board Exam and takes 12 months to complete. It is hard and intense, but at the College of Hair Design, we will give you the foundation for a career in a multibillion-dollar industry, an industry where the fastest growing sector is products and services to men. Look around Barbering is on the rise, men want to look good and defy the aging process. As a trained Barber, you can do just that!

You’ll gain the advanced technical skills needed to keep today’s male clientele looking modern, fresh, and sharp. In addition to learning traditional barber arts skills, you’ll also receive training in hair coloring, perming, manicures, pedicures, facials, and scalp massage.

The time to rock your inner artist as a Barber is now! Fill out the online application to get started today!

The Hair Art and Top Performer scholarships are still available and are valued at $500 to $1,000.

*Tuition reduction does not apply to Esthetics or Barber Arts DLP programs. The $1,500 tuition reduction is only available for our 2100 hour Barber and Cosmetology programs.

There’s more than one way to rock your inner artist. Possible careers include:

  • Barber
  • Product Designer/Developer
  • Retail Distributor
  • Vendor Education Specialist
  • School Instructor
  • Trainer
  • Recruiter
  • Vendor Sales Representative
  • Barber Shop Manager

Lincoln Barber College in 1966


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