The College of Hair Design provides a variety of supportive services to help our students enroll and succeed.

Student Housing

There are a variety of comfortable and convenient housing options available in Lincoln. The Lincoln Board of Realtors estimates that Lincoln has more than 13,000 apartment units. Students are free to choose their own living situation and can access available rental units through local leasing offices or online providers.

Academic Advising and Tutoring

The College of Hair Design provides academic advising to assist students as they progress through their program(s). This support and encouragement is an important part of our personalized learning program. We also provide tutoring and personalized counseling to ensure each and every student is successful at the College of Hair Design.

Personal Counseling

Personal issues are often resolved with the help of caring staff members. Although the College of Hair Design does not employ a credentialed counselor, experienced staff is available to refer students to an individual or service that is able to provide such counseling services.

Childcare Support

The College of Hair Design understands that quality childcare is an important part of ensuring your success. We have access to a screened list of childcare providers that is available for our students.

Part-Time Job Opportunities. Students who need part-time work during their enrollment with the College of Hair Design can find information on opportunities in the school office. Our staff is eager to help students obtain suitable employment.

Student Government

Each class elects two representatives to the student council. The student council meets periodically for the purpose of student government and activity planning.


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